Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Summer Is Officially Over!

I thought summer would never end, but here it is at long last: September! As I've mentioned whined in prior postings, I fall out of love with Maui in the summertime. 

Why? It's too hot. There are too many gloomy, overcast days as well with high humidity. Everyone on Maui is traveling on a glorious vacation to Tuscany or someplace else equally wonderful.

Thus, in order to keep my sanity, I keep busy writing, photographing, creating art, researching, exercising and in general keeping myself busy with creative projects.

Did I mention I joined Instagram and Pinterest? If not, click on those two prior links, and you'll see my photos on Instagram and my subjects of interest on Pinterest.

The research subject which has most engaged my attention has been the study of DNA--a vast and complicated subject which has stretched my brain more than studying Advanced Calculus in college. I find it helpful to write about a subject as I research because through writing I am able to sort out the complexities and nail down the questions I have: and this is how I came to start yet another new book. 

Here's something to consider that I discovered today about newborns and ethics:

What happens when you screen baby's genes?

Rather than jinx my progress with this manuscript, let me just say I am passionate/fascinated/intrigued about this subject. Because I feel this way, I don't pay as much attention to the heat of the Maui summer from my cool air conditioned writing cave. It's only when I'm required to pull myself away from my researching and writing that I remember I am living on an island where most people would give their eye-teeth to visit.

When I view the refugee camps in Lebanon with all the Syrian refugees, my heart breaks. Millions of Syrians have been displaced, and although many have been adopted into homes in other countries, these hundreds of thousands who live in the dry dirt of a refugee camp are the poorest of the poor who have no where else to go. They have given up their homes to find a place to survive. My wish is that something shifts soon for these survivors so that they once again have beauty, security and water around them. 

I've noticed on Instagram that sunsets and sunrises are THE most popular images, and so I leave you with yet another amazing sunset photo from our beautiful island, Maui. One can never have enough of these, can we? These holy moments of sunrise and sunset give us hope in this perilous time of change. 

My prayers go out to all of those in need of hope!

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