Monday, June 10, 2013



I've been packing for months now.

There will soon be a move off Maui after nearly 22 years, and this move is bittersweet.

Yes, M.U. (Maui University) has been a tough school, a gorgeous school, and the lessons I've learned here have been huge blessings....many of them still currently in disguise. Hah!

Even though I've not been posting much on this blog which primarily pertains to my Maui life, I still have an online presence, so if you wish to follow me on the next stage of my journey after I've won my very, very hard-won Ph.D degree from Maui, here are some of the many places I keep up to date:

My spiritual Tumblr is Circuitry

This blog is full of beautiful images, messages and high frequencies to uplift and inspire. 

My funny Tumblr is Booyah.

This blog is so much fun for me as I post humorous images, amazing art, and oftentimes sometimes somewhat racy, political stuff....and of course, Cat Stuff. Check it out...this is one of my fan favorites, and it will give you a glimpse into what amuses, excites & delights me.

And if you've been following me for some time, you must know I have an Instagram (current photos) and a Pinterest 

Please be my guest & stalk & follow me & leave a comment. 

Then there are my old standby's: Facebook & Twitter.

These links aren't the ONLY places you'll find me on the Internetz because I have my  alter egos

These alter egos are necessary to keep me amused because after awhile one has to be playful & creative & expand into new places.

And I suppose this creative urge is the main reason to depart Paradise Maui. Expansion. New Lessons. New Challenges. New Creativity.

Aloha!! You are loved!



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