Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So Very Grateful This Thanksgiving

As I write this post on Thanksgiving Eve, I'm feeling over-the-top with joy & gratitude for all the multiple blessings bestowed upon my family and me this past year.

We're still living the beach-y life on Maui after my partner's business sale & his retirement. We're having much more time to relax, play, create, and enjoy the NOW!

We're beach-walking, swimming, jacuzzi-ing, meditating, sailing, hanging out with old friends and new, relaxing, attending films & events, traveling, exploring, trying new things, and in general: praising and blessing all we meet.

Here are some photos from a beach walk in South Maui the other day which I finally got around to uploading today.

The first photo was taken from our table at the Five Palms Restaurant looking out to sea. It was early--breakfast--and this is why you don't see the beach chairs full of people. Quite often at this time of year you'll view Humpback Whale activity off shore as you dine here. The Humpbacks arrive sometimes as early as late October, and they get really active in the winter months. This restaurant and beach are often a great viewing place for these whales.

This photo below depicts a yearly ritual of pulling down the coconuts from our coconut trees. I've blogged about this before in previous years. We've had the same people climb, chop and haul away the coconuts from our six tall coconut trees for many years. These guys are fast--in several hours, they're done, and we're relieved our coconut trees have been pruned.
This photo shows the carvings of a famous Maui artist as he works on his latest sculpture of Father Damien. He carved both of these--one is still in progress.
This last photo may gross out some people. It's a fish which caused controversy and remarks from those gathered around this recently speared fish. One lady said that this beautiful fish is protected, and she was quite displeased to see it lying there. Another lady weighed in with her comment that it wasn't even edible, and yet another said that it was quite tasty. It is/was a parrotfish or in the Hawaiian language, an uhu.

Since I've never eaten such a fish, I don't know. All I know was that I felt stunned and saddened to see it lying there. It is such an amazing, beautiful fish to view underwater in it's natural habitat. Now here it was on the cement.

And so the beach-y life goes--the ups and downs. One never knows who you'll meet, what you'll see, and how you'll feel when your Maui day begins and ends. Will you be amazed, elated, relieved, or saddened?

To all my loyal readers who've been waiting for a new post from me, I thank you from my heart!

You're da best!

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

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