Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Coming Up For Air

It's been about 2 years since I've posted on this blog, and I've truly enjoyed the time off.

When I first began blogging and told others I blogged, they'd ask me: "what is a blog?"

That's how new blogging was seven years ago!

Now it seems everyone and their dog (and or cat) has a blog!

I juggled many blogs for too many years, and I was burnt out when I slowed down from posting.

However, I have a natural inclination to share news, so I haven't been totally absent from the internet. I still maintain my Stumbleupon blog even though big changes happened to Stumbleupon this October when this blogging platform decided not to be a blogging platform anymore and just a link & review platform. Many outraged Stumblers moved to Tumblr, but I stayed, even though my beautiful violet background is now gone as this is the new format. If you'd like to see some of what interest me, this is the place to go.

And I maintain my daily Tumblr.

My Twitter account (kuanyin) is still being updated as is my Facebook.

Maui has changed a LOT in the seven years since I began posting on this blog. In some ways, not at all. Rampant greed, old methods of cane burn, outsized egos, economic decline, vog, foreclosures, drug problems--they're here. We have it all.

And OH DO WE HAVE BEAUTY! We have starry nights, warm ocean full of dolphins and whales in season, gorgeous beaches, beautiful people of all ages, and ALOHA, lots of aloha!

A number of years ago Lahaina town no longer was allowed to celebrate the yearly Halloween festivities because of a new law. I had been attending this Front Street parade for many years when it closed, and like many others, I was bummed for this was a fun event and one I looked forward to every year with a different creative costume each year.

The Good News is that the party came back this year, 2011. It was called "Back On Front".
And I attended with a friend just like the good ol days!

It was heartwarming to see the Maui community in costume and revelry once again. Despite the economic downturn, the spirit of the community was alive 'n well on Front!

Mahalo to Mayor Mayor Alan Arakawa for bringing back this festive tradition.

As always I took way too many photos, and most of them will probably eventually land on my Flickr page, but until then, here's some of the best of the night:

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Just going through some old links, seeing what I might delete, and I see you're back to writing! Glad to see you again! God bless!
Hey Suldog...great to see ya again in my comment box! You've been an inspiration to me as a blogger, so now I MUST keep on blogging!
Wonderful to read you again! I have missed seeing your lovely smile. Hope you are well and happy. the photos are so good. Cheers from the East Coast.
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