Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring Cleaning Feels So Right

Whenever the Spring season arrives, I feel the urge to clean and weed everything in sight. And this Spring is no different!

However, this year I've not only been cleaning out old 'stuff' from our home, I've been deleting old computer files, links, emails, and blogs as well. Thus far, two blogs have been laid to rest forever unless the Way Back Machine ever revives them. These two blogs were begun in 2006 with the onset of my blogging passion, and I rarely posted on them in recent years.

I haven't been posting on most of my blogs anyway as other activities have kept me busy.

Releasing old email correspondence and carefully-filed, saved links on the sidebars of our computers has felt so liberating! Truly this is the renewal I've been sensing and awaiting when I posted on Feb. 3, 2009.

Cleaning out clutter and organizing for others could be a career option for me as it brings me such satisfaction--a natural high!

Next month I'll begin a three month retreat, and when I leave, I'm gonna feel so much lighter!

The most challenging to part with are my beloved books--doing so requires sifting through them since these books have been such a big part of my life. Some of these books have been written by cherished friends and inscribed with lovely words, and thus, they hold wonderful memories. Some books I've held onto since my early twenties, and one still has the chewed edge from my former cockapoo pooch. This chewed edge means a lot to me because whenever I see it, I remember this darling dog.

And back to spring cleaning I go--there's still so much to do!

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I know the feeling. We did that master cleaning before, so now we don't have that much to get rid off :-)

3 months retreat.... awwwh......
My sincere condolences regarding PoinsettiaKiki. I was truly sorry to hear about that :-(
I haven't gotten the spring cleaning bug yet. It's still too cold and rainy here. Wish I were in Maui instead! ;-)
I absolutely agree that it is neccesary not only to clean the streets but to clean the mind and to get rid of old memories (only bad of course). I did it at the begining of of april and I`m still happy that I got free in a way of all what depressed me the last year.
I just came by to give you a personal invitation to an international cocktail party meme that soon will start: Drinks Round the World.

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Cheers ;-)
One area I clean that just never stays that way for long is the garage....and the back patio. Not for long it seems.
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