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Recently our cable has been non-functioning, and since we have both our home phone and internet connected by Oceanic Cable, we've been unable to receive phone calls or get on on the Internet.

Since I'm more than a little *addicted* to my correspondence with others, I'm using my notebook at another location to get online.

Today is FINALLY the day the repairman from the cable company is due to arrive, even though we had been told by Oceanic representatives that it would be yesterday!

So I was awoken this morning by my family with their excitement over the morning miracle. My partner, B., had a doctor's appointment--a very, important appointment which he had re-arranged his day for.

Whilst I was still sleeping, they both heard our home phone ring! Even though the message machine didn't come on because the phone isn't working, we were able to see who called and trace the call. He called the number and discovered his appointment had been changed to another day because of an emergency from the doctor. Knowing this, B. could then change his plans and not waste a drive to the doctor's office!

This is just another example of what we call our "angels" working on our behalf in mysterious and unknown ways. These angels perform miracles!

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Aloha Kuanyin
I can relate and definitely believe in daily miracles. The thing is that you have to be aware of them to realize they are miracles. I too think the world works in mysterious ways and helps us out just at the right moment. It's all about energy.
Addictions come in all shapes and sizes. When you start stealing to support your habit you might want to look into rehab.
Keahi: who said I was stealing? That's a big leap! LOL
Interesting post:) I believe in miracles.
I too believe in miracles. It is really nice to see that impossible things are becoming possible and I think when this happens, they are only miracles.
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