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Letters To Editors

I'm a big fan of Letters To Editors and of those who speak their mind in public ways. Before blogging came along, 'letters to editors' were my favorite newspaper reading because of much of the truth contained therein. These letters are more passionate and unfiltered than regular news. I honor those who fire off a letter.

My partner loves the Sports section of the newspaper, and my daughter has a fascination with Classified Ads. But I'm a "l-to-e" gal all the way. I just finished reading my daily Maui News letters online which is where I read the letters now.

I recognize many of the names writing these letters as well as many of the names making the news. This is what happens when you've lived a long time in one place.

Thus far, I've yet to write an impassioned letter to an editor. In fact, I've only written one letter of complaint in my life, and this was to Delta Airlines for which I received an apology form letter. Needless to say, we rarely fly Delta anymore. Not that we're holding a grudge against Delta because this situation was just one instance of crappy service, but we generally prefer the services of other airlines, and we've developed our favorite airlines through the years. I sure wish Virgin Airlines would fly to Hawaii.

Check out all the sweet offerings Virgin America offers to their customers here.

It's my belief that in future times, customer service will absolutely be paramount. Public opinion will count. Consumers will direct the markets.

In the meantime, I respect all of you who make your voices heard.

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I haven't written many either, some minor ones and always about my favorite food products, because I'd hate to be forced to be without them, if there isn't any comparative alternative on the market.

Our favorite airline so far is Icelandair. Next time we go to the US, we'll book with them, to be able to do a stopover at Iceland. Even though we have been there already, we would gladly go again!
I've written a few, and had a few published. I was much more likely to do so when I was heavily involved in politics. I'd usually write to correct some error in a story, and most times the paper would print it, being fair.
There is so much room for improvement in the airline business. One would think someone could take advantage of the opportunity.
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My husband also is religious about reading the letters to the editor, and he has written a few himself. You are right that they voice the true feelings of people and give us better insight into life than the news, that's for sure. I toast the writers of letters to the editor. They are much needed in any community!!!
It's nice to read this post because I am in the middle of composing a letter to the editor (actually a viewpoint letter that I hope Maui News will publish) - It's about the public school system on Maui particularly the Middle school

And yes it would be nice if Virgin will fly to Maui :)

Back in the day I used to write letters to the editor but it was frustrating because many times they didn't get published. The only ones who publish my letters are the local papers (which is indeed still satisfying!). My dad was a dedicated L-T-E writer and often got his letters published. If he were alive today and about 50 years younger he probably would have been a blogger!
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