Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring Cleaning Feels So Right

Whenever the Spring season arrives, I feel the urge to clean and weed everything in sight. And this Spring is no different!

However, this year I've not only been cleaning out old 'stuff' from our home, I've been deleting old computer files, links, emails, and blogs as well. Thus far, two blogs have been laid to rest forever unless the Way Back Machine ever revives them. These two blogs were begun in 2006 with the onset of my blogging passion, and I rarely posted on them in recent years.

I haven't been posting on most of my blogs anyway as other activities have kept me busy.

Releasing old email correspondence and carefully-filed, saved links on the sidebars of our computers has felt so liberating! Truly this is the renewal I've been sensing and awaiting when I posted on Feb. 3, 2009.

Cleaning out clutter and organizing for others could be a career option for me as it brings me such satisfaction--a natural high!

Next month I'll begin a three month retreat, and when I leave, I'm gonna feel so much lighter!

The most challenging to part with are my beloved books--doing so requires sifting through them since these books have been such a big part of my life. Some of these books have been written by cherished friends and inscribed with lovely words, and thus, they hold wonderful memories. Some books I've held onto since my early twenties, and one still has the chewed edge from my former cockapoo pooch. This chewed edge means a lot to me because whenever I see it, I remember this darling dog.

And back to spring cleaning I go--there's still so much to do!

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Friday, March 13, 2009


Letters To Editors

I'm a big fan of Letters To Editors and of those who speak their mind in public ways. Before blogging came along, 'letters to editors' were my favorite newspaper reading because of much of the truth contained therein. These letters are more passionate and unfiltered than regular news. I honor those who fire off a letter.

My partner loves the Sports section of the newspaper, and my daughter has a fascination with Classified Ads. But I'm a "l-to-e" gal all the way. I just finished reading my daily Maui News letters online which is where I read the letters now.

I recognize many of the names writing these letters as well as many of the names making the news. This is what happens when you've lived a long time in one place.

Thus far, I've yet to write an impassioned letter to an editor. In fact, I've only written one letter of complaint in my life, and this was to Delta Airlines for which I received an apology form letter. Needless to say, we rarely fly Delta anymore. Not that we're holding a grudge against Delta because this situation was just one instance of crappy service, but we generally prefer the services of other airlines, and we've developed our favorite airlines through the years. I sure wish Virgin Airlines would fly to Hawaii.

Check out all the sweet offerings Virgin America offers to their customers here.

It's my belief that in future times, customer service will absolutely be paramount. Public opinion will count. Consumers will direct the markets.

In the meantime, I respect all of you who make your voices heard.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009



Recently our cable has been non-functioning, and since we have both our home phone and internet connected by Oceanic Cable, we've been unable to receive phone calls or get on on the Internet.

Since I'm more than a little *addicted* to my correspondence with others, I'm using my notebook at another location to get online.

Today is FINALLY the day the repairman from the cable company is due to arrive, even though we had been told by Oceanic representatives that it would be yesterday!

So I was awoken this morning by my family with their excitement over the morning miracle. My partner, B., had a doctor's appointment--a very, important appointment which he had re-arranged his day for.

Whilst I was still sleeping, they both heard our home phone ring! Even though the message machine didn't come on because the phone isn't working, we were able to see who called and trace the call. He called the number and discovered his appointment had been changed to another day because of an emergency from the doctor. Knowing this, B. could then change his plans and not waste a drive to the doctor's office!

This is just another example of what we call our "angels" working on our behalf in mysterious and unknown ways. These angels perform miracles!

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