Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Waiting For Renewal

It's a blustery, stormy day on Maui. I sit here in front of my computer and read the news of what is happening elsewhere and feel very grateful.

I'm sure those in Europe, the Midwest, and the Northeast are pretty much fed-up with winter already. The ice storms have caused so much misery, and the thought of being stuck without power in freezing weather as are so many is a horrifying one to me.

The economic fallout continues as the greedy ones want more, more, more, and the rest of us simply try to hold onto our jobs, our homes, our pensions, and abilities to care for our loved ones.

On Maui the economic situation is very bad since we depend upon tourism, and without tourists, everyone on Maui suffers. Many business's have closed, and others are hanging on week to week.

I still hold the dream and promise of peace, even as I observe the banksters and others still spending millions of dollars on luxuries, government currencies becoming worthless, the Gaza atrocities continuing, the poor and hungry getting poorer and hungrier, and the bailout going to those who have hoarded it. Sometimes it's hard to see the justice.

Like everyone else, I ask: where has ALL the money gone? Did it end up in a vault somewhere? Is there a way to fast forward through all the hijinks and craziness so that everyone has enough?

I'm dreaming of a time when Spring has returned and everything is blooming and stirring again for everyone and when the world awakens from the nightmare.

My photo above speaks to this dream: these tiny pink roses bloomed for a long time, and then one by one, the roses fell. I moved the plant outdoors to be nourished by the sun and rain six months ago.

And this week I was overjoyed to see the roses blooming again.

May everything come up roses for everyone! May all be delivered from the old paradigm and remember what it's like to live without fear, worry, grief, and sadness!

I'm so ready. And you?

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I too want renewal, however, we need to get the government our of our life. Lower taxes and less government spending is the answer.
My Pointy (you know, the poinsettia) has been indoors since October. He is just now starting to have a couple of red leaves! Yes, renewal is exciting, and welcome.
Beautiful post, you make so many good points and capture the current mood everywhere, I think.

I too am hoping for Spring to come soon - both literally and figuratively.
I realize this is a year late but luckily this bliss comes every year. I'm currently enjoying some early tulips. Hopefully soon I'll be enjoying the lilacs.
Very cool posts! I really like reading them its sounds so peaceful and inspiring. Keep it up!
The picture is so cute! I really reading your post! Hope to read them again.
Thanks so much for the nice infos here.

Sub pages are so important for the sites especially when you want to relate the main page with the sub one.

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