Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Staying Calm In A Speeded-Up World

Each of us has a gadzillion things to do these days. Most likely nobody in history has ever been busier or more overwhelmed than we are. Not only do we have information overload, we are are required to work harder than ever before to maintain our lifestyles.

Do you remember the days when the pace wasn't so hectic? That time seems so very long ago. When I visited a girlfriend this year who was totally tech-phobic, she said she wished we could all go back to the '40's and '50's before technology invaded our lives. Probably a lot of people feel like that. But I'm not one of them.

I love I can take a photo with my phone and have it posted on a blog right away!

I love I can communicate with people around the world so easily and quickly.

I love I can DVR television shows, watch them later, and then miss the tiring commercials! The other night as we watched television the 'regular' way, my partner counted ten commercials between each segment of the show we were watching. We both grumbled because we're spoiled by technology.

As you may have surmised, I'm kept very busy by family, creativity, friends, commitments of all kinds and more. You're probably in the same boat. I'm amazed anyone has any time at all to read blogs, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see a comment on one of my blogs.

So what keeps me carrying-on without losing it? How do I remain *mostly* stress-free with so much going on?

Here are some of my methods:

I take time-out between tasks to meditate...I lie down and use my chi machine which pleasantly rocks oxygen into my system and relaxes me...I find time to jacuzzi...I prioritize...I delegate whenever I possibly can...I exercise even it's for only fifteen minutes. Sometimes I take a cat-nap if I can fit it in. I'm a big believer in cat naps. I've learned to say no.

What are your methods for staying sane and calm?

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I, too, wonder how to find time to do all the many things I want to do. I'd like to visit everybody's blog and leave a comment - every day. Not possible. I'd like to get caught up on my bookkeeping - possible, I suppose, but then another week and month roll past and I'm back behind the curve again. I'd like to be more efficient in everything I do ... yet I find I'm spread too thin. Technology might be a part ... but technology is also part of the answer, too. I've no answers beyond doing what I can as well as I can and enjoying that process. What gets left beside the pile of shoulds can just wait it's turn. All in all, life is fun and I wouldn't change very much.
I make a conscious effort to IGNORE some technologies. I have never had a cell phone, nor do I ever want one, for instance. I've got enough to do without having a phone to my ear 24/7.
With the Niagra Falls of information inundating all of us, I have found that I have had to become way more selective with what I let in too.
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