Monday, February 23, 2009


Maui At The Crossroads

Photo: Kuanyin

Even though there has been a downturn in Maui's economy, we don't sit around and talk about this recession most of the time. What good would it do? It is what it is.

Of course, every now and then we question when the next shoe will drop or business to fold.

But for the most part, we marvel at how lucky we are to live on Maui! For richer or poorer, this is home! New technologies and new methods of earning monies will be born from the changes. People will become resourceful in creating jobs for themselves. Maui is STILL one stop short of Heaven on Earth.

Not everyone is hurting here.

Some business's and people are flourishing.

For example, a friend told me today about her friend's bamboo business in Kipahulu which is doing well, the Whispering Winds Bamboo company. The first crop of bamboo is ready for harvest, and they will be featured on the Discovery Network's Planet Green. You can read more about them here.

IMHO, it would be much better if the ban on vacation rentals in private homes would be lifted. It would be much better for marriage celebrants to NOT pay a fee for beach weddings. It would be a great idea for commercial landlords to lower their leases. Professionals should be able to work out of their homes. Perhaps these changes will come about if the times become hard enough, and those in charge begin to feel the pain. Long range planning should begin now, or else Maui may become a ghost town like Las Vegas.

For tourists there's not been a better time (in my lifetime) to get great hotel rates and fares. So c'mon over! The whales are abundant. Prices are lower. The ocean is inviting, and everyone will be happy to see you!

More of our friends arrive next week-- every year like the Humpback Whales they return. They rent the same condo year after year, and judging from their emails, they can't wait to get back here. Returning to Maui is like winning a fabulous prize or passing Go!

We hear the harsh stories of life on the Mainland from others, and we give thanks every day we live here!

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Generally speaking, if the government let folks run things as they wish, instead of poking their noses into everything, we'd all be better off. My opinion, of course, and worth the paper it's not printed on.
I totally agree that the ban on vacation rentals should be lifted. It makes sense in this economy that people should have an alternative to an expensive hotel. We are Canadians living on Maui for 6 months so we are pretty much Kama'aina. It seems that every second person we meet on the beach are Canadians, so maybe things aren't as bad as we think, or these people are smart and stay in a Maui vacation home.
You are so right, Kuanyin! Your "IMHO" paragraph goes double for Oahu! I agree with Suldog too -- the government needs to mind its own business about the things you mentioned. I don't understand why so many neighbors have such an issue with vacation rentals either!

It's all about survival these days.
I know that the Recession has make a great impact on each and every country not only in the USA. but also in all the major country. its too bad to face the Recession in such condition.
I think a different pattern, as some people advocate, which is having the affordable housing across the street from the luxury resort doesn’t make economic sense. And the Maui housing market moving into a discovery period, looking for the flat spot in housing prices.
I would like to live too in such a beautiful place.
I too would like to live in such a beautiful place
wow nice picture, and i agree with you that the ban on vacation rentals is lifted.
you live in a beautiful place, hawaii :D
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