Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wassup on Maui

*Photo taken by me of the Chinese New Year celebration at the Maui Mall*

Recently I posted on one of my microblogs that I hadn't been blogging lately. And someone wrote back to me, "Blogging is for the zealous."

This comment caught my imagination and attention, and I considered the implications. Had I become a blogging zealot--a "fanatically committed person" in regard to my blogs?

Perhaps it was time to take a longer blog vacation?! After all, I've been blogging for FIVE YEARS, way before most people even knew the word 'blogging'!

And so if you've wondered why I haven't posted here for awhile, this is why: I've been enjoying my blog vacation! I've been able to catch-up on much needed business, creative projects, and exercise. I still make daily posts on Wailea Daily Photo, Twitter, and Plurk. Please feel free to follow me on my Twitter.

Many inquire of me what's happening here on Maui, so I'll fill you in:

1. The Maui economy is hurting, and thus, there are many great deals on room rates at hotels and resorts if you're considering a vacation now.
2. Despite the down-turn in the Islands, there STILL seems to be many vacationing here and swarming the restaurants. Some of our old favorite restaurants have closed such as Manana Garage, and we're hoping some of our other favorite Maui eateries will survive.
3. We've had our fair share of rain this year, and according to my partner who has lived here twenty five years, he has never seen Maui this green.
4. Modified Prius electric cars are now being driven on Maui--three of them!
5. Rentals are in abundance, and prices are lower as is real estate. Jobs are scarcer. Some employees at a major resort are working every OTHER day.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Happy Chinese New Year! I ordered some food to come to the house last night and gave the delivery man his (somewhat more than usual) tip in a red envelope. He was suitably astonished, since I am not even close to being Chinese myself :-)
If you have taken a break, good to have you back. Your picture looks like it could have been taken in Thailand.
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