Thursday, January 29, 2009


Testing Myself

Through my blogging/online/cyber explorations, I've tried many an application and new *whatever* that's happening online. Curiosity and being an early adopter keeps me young I tell myself.

And this "tech-me" is always challenged and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d!

Nothing ever comes easy--does it?

Take today, for example:

I signed up for the beta Skitch *amongst other new online 'toys' I've experimented with today*.

And I tested to see if it would work for me...but NO! Back to the drawing board....or is it that Windows hasn't approved it yet? The mysteries of cyberspace are daunting. No wonder so many people are Luddites. I actually KNOW people would who prefer to go back to the '50's!

And on some days, I can't blame them.

The people who don't mess around with computers and the latest trendy thing seem perfectly content.

But our paths have separated. It's not that I'm discontent. It's more like I want to explore and see what's new.

P.S. The illustration above is my Manga which I created last year, and which I guarantee you 99.99 percent of my friends are clueless.

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I'm not really an early adopter but do like trying new things. I finally got on Facebook for instance! ;-)
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