Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Belated Happy New Year!

What did I accomplish this past 2008 I asked myself today.

Suddenly it dawned on me that a New Year had finally/absolutely/completely arrived!

After introspection, here's my analysis of accomplishments, failures, and thoughts/feelings about beloved Maui:

1. I came to terms with my *geeky* self in 2008. The geeky self had always been there, but out of deference to my *vain* self who was very aware of image and beauty, she'd stepped back to allow the *vain* me to shine. No more. She's proud to be a geek and maybe even a nerd. She doesn't fear wearing her geek badge anymore, and ya know what...I really like her! She's very smart and shining.

My geekiness overflows in multiple, yet organized online folders, emails, blogs, file cabinets, and bookmarks.

2. The books I've been writing for many years no longer resonate with me! I've outgrown them. Mind you, I'm not deleting the computer files because that part of myself might cycle around again. One never knows. Now these manuscripts feel far too frivolous. Every now and then, I re-read them, and say, "Hey, this is a great story!" And then I happily put them away. and ponder, "Who were you when you wrote these books?" Hah!

3. Over the past year I've dived with passion into social networking and writing with only 140 characters...or is it 160 characters per message? These short twitters, purks, ideas, feelings, links, photos, and thoughts have become my norm--text messaging with many folks from around the world--colorful, funny, creative people.

From Plurk to Twitter to Identi.ca to Facebook to Tumblr to Populus and many others, online people reaching out for connection have touched my heart and taught me so much! Even the ones hustling to make a living and marketing to me touch my heart--maybe them even more so because I feel such compassion for their diligence and industry to survive in these challenging economic times.

I foresee a big future for social networking--a trend which will go more mainstream.

People you'd most likely never meet in real life follow you, and you read each other's words or view their photos.

Who knows how many id's are faked, air-brushed, tweaked or are from someone's younger years. But truth is truth, and their nature is revealed. For example, a cab driver from London followed me on Twitter, and as I read his brief tweets, I touched into a world far from one I've ever experienced. As I read them, I could imagine what it's like to a be a London taxi driver. His words felt authentic and raw and foreign and oh, so touching. I could visualize him waiting for his fares as he twittered away on his 'smart' phone. He didn't post a photo of himself, but I didn't need one to 'get' him.

4. I made some headway with my Flickr account, much of which had to be scanned into my computer from old photographs, a laborious process, and one which I have yet to complete. We've done so much traveling before the digital times, and these stories and photos are fabulous and deserve to be shared.

5. My daughter became a geek like her Mother, and like the cliched duck to water, she's enjoying it almost as much as her mom. Even though I rarely post on my MySpace blog, G. pimped it for me so I'm not totally ashamed. I'm still too embarrassed to link to it. When last I looked, I had twelve friends including my daughter and a sprinkling of famous folks who friend everyone. I convinced G. to join Facebook, and she's done so... and is discovering a different group of friends online. And so it goes. Mother and daughter growing our geekiness together...

6. Maui's leadership continued to disappoint me: first, the stipulation against vacation rentals which caused a lot of hurt to lots of folks who could no longer rent out a room or rooms....then came the fee for beach weddings! I could go on, but the good old Maui I used to love is gone which saddens me. Many people I know are moving to greener pastures like Costa Rica and Panama, and I can't say I blame them. One of the candidates which could have done a lot of good for Maui lost her bid in last year's election. This was a loss for all of us, and I shudder to think what will happen to Maui when such gifted leaders are not given a chance to right the wrongs and light the way. Will Maui become another Oahu?

7. Our family had ONE great adventure when we traveled to the Mainland and then eventually on to South America. Each of us learned a lot about one another and grew through the challenges of traveling in foreign countries, dealing with airlines, people, and unusual situations. Who knows when our family will be able to travel again together again in this lifetime? What a treat it was!

I've not covered everything, but I've got to get a move on for dinner.

Happy New Year!

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This an excellent recap of the year that was, about important reflections and thoughts.
I wish you all a great 2009 and I'll still read your blog with great interest.
Belated Happy New Year to you too, Kuanyin!

I hear you about Maui - I wish there was a way to keep it more unspoiled as it used to be. I still remember when Kihei had no street lights...

I am still not into Twitter even though I joined it. I don't think I have mastered the art of twittering! I don't quite get how you twitter back and forth. I think you should do a post on Blog Blond explaining it so I can join the 21st century, LOL!
Happy New Year to you. This is such an honest appraisal to start the year. You put me to shame; my resolutions tend to be so much more half hearted.
I can certainly appreciate your comments on number two. I was thinking about this the other day. I look back at my writing and it seems a different person! I cringe at some of it, but then at the time it helped my confidence as a writer and person, therefore it's all good :)
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