Saturday, December 20, 2008


Catching Up From The Christmas Blur

Every year I tell myself I will be MORE organized the following Christmas, and every year, the same thing happens: the "To-Do" list keeps me extremely busy!

BUT not to busy to stargaze at night--a delight at this time of year because the nights are cool-ish! At this time I slow down and open myself to 'Presence' and know Peace.

In my last post I wrote about sharing links to blogs and sites I love--even if I don't get around to reading them as often as I'd like.

If you get a chance and are hungry for photos of Maui, bounce on over to my photo blog Wailea Daily Photo where I rarely miss a day posting a Maui photo. Plus I'm usually putting up fun photos on my Flickr page.

Here are some great blogs I relish:

Photography: Barcelona Photoblog

Norweigan Culture, Traditions, and Habits: Terella

Funny Storytelling: Suldog

Travel: Lifecruiser

Cat Stories: My Cats and Funny Stories

Politics, Cats, and other stuff: Maui Girls Meanderings

Happy Holy Days!

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I feel the same and the more I do, the longer the list become :lol: But; xmas will be here anyhow - I know!

Thanks for your Link Love and endorsement - you know I love visiting and reading your too!

Wishing you a wonderful Yuletide, all the way from Norway.

Btw: A shame we haven't been friends on Flickr too (your pics are great and artistic!), but we are now - if you like :-)
Merry Christmas, Kuanyin. And give your Poinsettia Kiki a drink from me!
Thanks for the link!

I got so late this year preparing for Christmas that I ran out of time and energy - we didn't put up a tree for the first time ever! But it's been a very festive holiday anyway as we have been celebrating at other people's houses - my mom's for Christmas, and at a friend's house for a two-days-after-Christmas dinner!
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