Friday, November 21, 2008


Vog casts a haze over Maui

We call it Vog in Hawaii--volcanic smog! And it's been bad this year, very bad.

This Vog is drifting or blowing over from our neighbor island, the Big Island, and it is full of toxic gas, sulfur dioxide, which makes our eyes burn...our noses run...and our throats sore.

Today is the worst day I've seen in a long, long time--check out the photos I shot at the beach. This is what Hawaii looks like some (not all!) of the time. And the vog is increasing--truly, it feels as if we're living in The Twilight Zone.

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VOG makes it to Honolulu too. Wish we could turn it off.
Resident of maui past 17 yrs , started my Real Estate career , last yr Jan, the economy is bad enough without the vog, hard to sell paradise when it looks like this?
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