Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thursday Thirteen--Favorite Reads

Because of a bad 'cold', I've taken some time away (primarily on this blog) to recuperate and heal. I haven't been posting much, except for photos on my photo blogs, a twit here and a plurk or two there. I'm at the tail-end of this 'thing', so soon I should be back to regular posting.

However, I've still enjoyed reading. I share only thirteen of my favorites:

1. Fast Fast Lane
2. Dark Roasted Blend
3. Web Urbanist
4. Gadgettastic
5. Haha nu
6. Buzzfeed
7. Mashable
8. Techotic
9. Treehugger
10. Funnyblogs
11. Inhabitat
12. Grist
13. Mercola

To find out about Thursday Thirteen, click here.

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