Monday, November 03, 2008


Saying Goodbye to The Maui Halloween

We survived another Halloween on Maui, our 19th! This year offered some surprises.

First of all, Maui County has put the kabosh on the revelry in Lahaina town by not cordoning off the streets as in all the years I've been here. Now the costumed party people can ONLY walk on the sidewalks which is a huge bummer because it's not easy to get around. There were cars and motorcycles on Front Steet, and the sidewalks were jammed. The energy was much more chaotic. And forget the klieg lighting--just awful!

This was the first year I've ever fallen.


On my rear!

I was attempting to take a photograph in the crowd, and when I backed up, I didn't see this!
I'm sure these cones served some useful purpose, but they were my downfall.

A kindly fireman and my daughter pulled me off the ground, and the first thing I checked wasn't my rear but my digital camera. I was happy I fell the way I did because it didn't break!

Whilst I was down on the ground, my partner B looked around and didn't see me. So he surged ahead with the crowd thinking I went that-a-away. Then our group became separated. I had neglected to bring my cell with me, and so we had to track him down.

Lahaina town merchants weren't happy at all with this new rule because they lost money from sales! Once known at the Mardi Gras of the Pacific, the party is not the same, and the new limitations are ruining businesss. There's no more vendors selling food, no more music on stages or in the streets, no more portable toilets, and no more adult costume contest.

Just more police.

And speaking of police, about a block from our home, a police car turned its lights on and pulled my partner B over. He hadn't been drinking, so he passed the breathalizer test and others easily and the cops and him talked sports, but STILL...

The Good Ol Days on Maui are slowly vanishing.

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Having grown up in Lahaina, I am happy to hear of the change.
That don't sounded like it was a very good Halloween for you, sorry. Over here Halloween isn't celebrated on the streets, so no problems.
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