Friday, November 07, 2008


Looking Back On Palin

Most people would say it's so...

Tina Fey doing her 'Palin' was certainly NOT a good thing for the Republicans.

It felt icky to me for a woman such as Governor Palin to be mocked in the media.

As a compassionate being, I feel badly when I see another put-down, even if in a humorous way.

This is why I would prefer ANY another other occupation than politics--it's too hurtful, rejecting, humiliating, and mean for my sensitive nature. It takes a being of great courage, thick-skin, resolve, and strong self-esteem to swim in those shark-filled waters.

Palin is an attractive woman with a future to follow.

She has shown her grit. Now we'll watch as she matures in front of our eyes.

What will she do next?

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I definitely understand your feeling about not wanting others to be mocked. Although I enjoyed the jokes about Gov. Palin, I do understand your feeling bad for her. She really drew a lot of mockery. I think she was just so obviously out of her league that she became the easy target of ridicule. I also think that many women did not sympathize with her in her views and perhaps resented her a little; there were rumors that she was picked to draw the support of former Hilary Clinton backers, and yet she could not have been more different from Clinton idealogically. It was as if the Republican Party said: "Here's another woman politician. If you're female, you should vote for her."
I appreciate your comment Scripter. Yes, I feel you're right with the Republican agenda. I'm sure there were many perks in it for Palin, and yet, there was such a media gang-up on her in a hateful way that my sense of fair-play was horrified.
Next? Hopefully she will go back to Alaska and stay there.

From what I have read, Palin is a very tough competitor. She probably didn't benefit from the poor handling that didn't allow her to go on any Sunday morning press shows to prove herself. But she herself chose to attack (based on information from the McCain campaign) and didn't chastize angry mobs in the crowd when they yelled out to kill Obama. I don't feel sorry for her because I think if she had really cared about the best interests of the country, she would have declined. She was looking out for her future career.
I know what you mean but I kind of agree with Stone Girl - she should have declined.

I think she should go into show business - have a talk show or something. If she hadn't been trying to be a heartbeat away from the presidency and had been on some TV show I think we'd have all kinda liked her.
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