Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today our family exchanged cards and gathered to express our gratitude for all the wondrous blessings we've received and enjoy on a daily basis. The day began with my 'podner' B creating a beautiful breakfast of cold, ripe, strawberry papaya topped with fresh squeezed lime juice, bananas, and a fruit that tasted like dates.

When I bought these fruits at a farmer's market yesterday, I thought I was purchasing kiwi fruit. However, when B. opened it, the fruit turned out to be a kiwi imposter! We marveled at this fruit and wondered what it is. So if anyone who reads this blog knows what looks like a kiwi fruit but tastes like a date, please offer us some edification via comment.

Here are some photos I took on our cutting board.

Before our BIG Thanksgiving feast tonight with friends, we're exercising to loose a couple of pounds which we're quite sure we'll put on! So I'm going to make this post a short one. :Smile:

And if any of you have the opportunity to catch a film today, I highly recommend "Australia". We saw it yesterday at the Maui Mall Theater Complex--it is a film which will touch your heart!

And for you: I wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving with countless blessings to share.

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Happy Thanksgiving Kuanyin!

I just got a new computer - it's much faster than my old one - so will be commenting more on your blog. I was reading it in Google Reader a lot because sometimes it took too long to come up. Now it's fast as lightning! My own blog had the same issue and it's faster too.
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