Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today our family exchanged cards and gathered to express our gratitude for all the wondrous blessings we've received and enjoy on a daily basis. The day began with my 'podner' B creating a beautiful breakfast of cold, ripe, strawberry papaya topped with fresh squeezed lime juice, bananas, and a fruit that tasted like dates.

When I bought these fruits at a farmer's market yesterday, I thought I was purchasing kiwi fruit. However, when B. opened it, the fruit turned out to be a kiwi imposter! We marveled at this fruit and wondered what it is. So if anyone who reads this blog knows what looks like a kiwi fruit but tastes like a date, please offer us some edification via comment.

Here are some photos I took on our cutting board.

Before our BIG Thanksgiving feast tonight with friends, we're exercising to loose a couple of pounds which we're quite sure we'll put on! So I'm going to make this post a short one. :Smile:

And if any of you have the opportunity to catch a film today, I highly recommend "Australia". We saw it yesterday at the Maui Mall Theater Complex--it is a film which will touch your heart!

And for you: I wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving with countless blessings to share.

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Friday, November 21, 2008


Vog casts a haze over Maui

We call it Vog in Hawaii--volcanic smog! And it's been bad this year, very bad.

This Vog is drifting or blowing over from our neighbor island, the Big Island, and it is full of toxic gas, sulfur dioxide, which makes our eyes burn...our noses run...and our throats sore.

Today is the worst day I've seen in a long, long time--check out the photos I shot at the beach. This is what Hawaii looks like some (not all!) of the time. And the vog is increasing--truly, it feels as if we're living in The Twilight Zone.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thursday Thirteen--Favorite Reads

Because of a bad 'cold', I've taken some time away (primarily on this blog) to recuperate and heal. I haven't been posting much, except for photos on my photo blogs, a twit here and a plurk or two there. I'm at the tail-end of this 'thing', so soon I should be back to regular posting.

However, I've still enjoyed reading. I share only thirteen of my favorites:

1. Fast Fast Lane
2. Dark Roasted Blend
3. Web Urbanist
4. Gadgettastic
5. Haha nu
6. Buzzfeed
7. Mashable
8. Techotic
9. Treehugger
10. Funnyblogs
11. Inhabitat
12. Grist
13. Mercola

To find out about Thursday Thirteen, click here.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Balancing Rocks As A Hobby

I wonder why the rock balancing hobby hasn't become popular on Maui.

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Friday, November 07, 2008


Looking Back On Palin

Most people would say it's so...

Tina Fey doing her 'Palin' was certainly NOT a good thing for the Republicans.

It felt icky to me for a woman such as Governor Palin to be mocked in the media.

As a compassionate being, I feel badly when I see another put-down, even if in a humorous way.

This is why I would prefer ANY another other occupation than politics--it's too hurtful, rejecting, humiliating, and mean for my sensitive nature. It takes a being of great courage, thick-skin, resolve, and strong self-esteem to swim in those shark-filled waters.

Palin is an attractive woman with a future to follow.

She has shown her grit. Now we'll watch as she matures in front of our eyes.

What will she do next?

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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Oh Happy Day!

I rescued this newspaper from the trashcan--hence, the smudge on one side.

History was made, and this paper is a keeper! Only ONE of my favorites didn't achieve their election bid, and I'm truly sad about this for she would've made a great person to have onboard Maui's team.

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Monday, November 03, 2008


Saying Goodbye to The Maui Halloween

We survived another Halloween on Maui, our 19th! This year offered some surprises.

First of all, Maui County has put the kabosh on the revelry in Lahaina town by not cordoning off the streets as in all the years I've been here. Now the costumed party people can ONLY walk on the sidewalks which is a huge bummer because it's not easy to get around. There were cars and motorcycles on Front Steet, and the sidewalks were jammed. The energy was much more chaotic. And forget the klieg lighting--just awful!

This was the first year I've ever fallen.


On my rear!

I was attempting to take a photograph in the crowd, and when I backed up, I didn't see this!
I'm sure these cones served some useful purpose, but they were my downfall.

A kindly fireman and my daughter pulled me off the ground, and the first thing I checked wasn't my rear but my digital camera. I was happy I fell the way I did because it didn't break!

Whilst I was down on the ground, my partner B looked around and didn't see me. So he surged ahead with the crowd thinking I went that-a-away. Then our group became separated. I had neglected to bring my cell with me, and so we had to track him down.

Lahaina town merchants weren't happy at all with this new rule because they lost money from sales! Once known at the Mardi Gras of the Pacific, the party is not the same, and the new limitations are ruining businesss. There's no more vendors selling food, no more music on stages or in the streets, no more portable toilets, and no more adult costume contest.

Just more police.

And speaking of police, about a block from our home, a police car turned its lights on and pulled my partner B over. He hadn't been drinking, so he passed the breathalizer test and others easily and the cops and him talked sports, but STILL...

The Good Ol Days on Maui are slowly vanishing.

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