Monday, October 27, 2008


Outside My Window

Lately I've been taking a sabbatical from blogging as some might have noticed.

I've done so for several reasons: health issues, blog burn-out, and a lot of other things calling me.

As I considered today's post, I searched for the word which most summed up my time away from this particular blog. Even though I manage to post on my photo blogs and microblogs on a daily basis, they're fast and easy.

The word 'sabbatical' is a delightful word, and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to take frequent sabbaticals to refresh themselves. Sabbatical sounds so much more glorious than 'leave of absence', does it not?

Here are some examples of my other favorite words:

splendor, aquamarine, and vermillion

Don't ask me why. These words just make me smile. They conjure images for me. And bring me peace and joy just like the photo from my window (above).

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