Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ho Hum--It's Halloween Time Almost

For over a decade, my partner, friends, family and me have shown up for the annual Lahaina Halloween festivity on Front Street. I think we've only missed two years out of 17....not bad, eh?

Every year we've worn different costumes. This change of costume makes it easier to keep the years straight. If we didn't do so, I fear the years might blend into one another since we basically do the same thing every year: go out to dinner and then walk up and down Front Street and ogle others and stop off at a bar here and there as we stroll back and forth. In the really OLD days, a couple of our friends used to rent a room at the Pioneer Inn, and we'd go up to their room facing Front Street and hang-out on the balcony with them.

There have been fantastic, fun years on Front Street and some dismal years too. One year it rained most of the night.

We've been TRYING to get excited about this year's party, but for some reason we've just can't get excited enough to make a decision about our yearly costumes. The other day I went around and looked at costumes in stores and got even more turned off at the outrageous prices for crummy, polyester costumes.

The last costume my partner wore was a Caesar outfit which I ordered for him online. He made a GREAT Caesar, and that year he was a huge hit with lots of folks wanting their photo with him.

Not only was the costume cool and comfortable, he loved receiving attention! Of course, he will deny this when he reads this post. Hah!

I saw a black t-shirt in one of the stores which read, " This IS my costume", and I momentarily considered this option just for a change. However, that would be cheating myself.

How often do I get a chance to walk around looking slutty and getting away with it? How often do I slap on heavy make-up or crazy clothes and feel good about myself? No, I have to find something wild and crazy to excite me and break these pre-Halloween blahs.

The above photos are from FUN years past! There are many more photos I could post, but I'll wait and show-off our fantastic NEW 2008 looks later here in another post.

And what are you doing for Halloween?

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