Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween Cards Make Me Smile

Our family is one that gives greeting cards for every occasion, and sometimes there doesn't even have to be an occasion because we'll give each other a card for the helluva it.

This morning my partner B handed me a bunch of envelopes, and said,

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Being only partially awake myself, I said, "I get THREE cards this year?"

"No, one of them is for Anela!" (our cat)

You can probably pick out Anela's card from the pile of cards we exchanged today, right?

Yes, we're saps.

But loving saps.

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Happy Halloween! I love your card collection. We give/get lots of cards too. Especially to and from each other's pets. My aunt loves to send us Mother's or Father's Day cards "from" Diva and Baxter.
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