Sunday, October 19, 2008


Go To The Mountain

Photo: Gen

People from time immemorial have gone to the mountains when they need to re-connect with Spirit and their Inner Selves. And this is what my daughter Gen and I did yesterday when we made the pilgrimage to Haleakala, our sacred Maui mountain.

We took along our cameras. Gen was recently gifted a beautiful new Sony digital camera by my partner B. She absolutely loves it, and she's fallen in love with photography just like her Mother.

Yesterday was a very mystical day on The Mountain. We communed with a gaggle of the state bird of Hawaii, the Nene goose. We drooled over flowers and views, rainbows, and scents of wild, fresh earth and evergreens. We purchased roadside flowers. We shopped at the lovely and charming Kula Market.

And we came home elated, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Here is another memory of yesterday with another here and here.

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Thank s for this blog!
Ah! I love the mountains! Yes, it does seem as though you are really in "God's Country" when you go there.
Mountains are mystical places. I have seen your view as I have hiked around the slopes of Haleakala.
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