Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween Cards Make Me Smile

Our family is one that gives greeting cards for every occasion, and sometimes there doesn't even have to be an occasion because we'll give each other a card for the helluva it.

This morning my partner B handed me a bunch of envelopes, and said,

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Being only partially awake myself, I said, "I get THREE cards this year?"

"No, one of them is for Anela!" (our cat)

You can probably pick out Anela's card from the pile of cards we exchanged today, right?

Yes, we're saps.

But loving saps.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Krispy Kreme Donut Downfall Day

With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays around the corner and lots of parties for us to attend, this IS the time I SHOULD be watching my food intake. Right?

This is my plan--attending to my health and waistline.

Krispy Kreme donuts changed this excellent plan yesterday.

First, I noticed a sign for 5 Cents coffee as we drove past Krispy Kreme donuts. I said to my partner B, "Wow, is that ever the sign of the times! Let's go around the block so I can take a photo of that!"

As everyone knows, food and drink are very expensive on Maui, and *anything* for 5 cents is unheard of! I wanted to document this posted sign for posterity.

So B. accommodated me, and we drove around the block. And then B. confessed he had never driven through the KK donut shop. I was astonished. He had been so strict with his healthy eating, and the thought had never occurred to him to wolf down a fattening donut! He didn't even know there was such a thing as drive-through donuts.

It was at this moment I decided we must sample the coffee offered for 5 cents and a donut or two! The coffee was very good as were the fattening donuts.

And that's how we spent nearly $8.

So much for plans!

And it's back to the treadmill today!

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Monday, October 27, 2008


Outside My Window

Lately I've been taking a sabbatical from blogging as some might have noticed.

I've done so for several reasons: health issues, blog burn-out, and a lot of other things calling me.

As I considered today's post, I searched for the word which most summed up my time away from this particular blog. Even though I manage to post on my photo blogs and microblogs on a daily basis, they're fast and easy.

The word 'sabbatical' is a delightful word, and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to take frequent sabbaticals to refresh themselves. Sabbatical sounds so much more glorious than 'leave of absence', does it not?

Here are some examples of my other favorite words:

splendor, aquamarine, and vermillion

Don't ask me why. These words just make me smile. They conjure images for me. And bring me peace and joy just like the photo from my window (above).

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Back To The Future

Today I received an email from my Future Me!

Yes, I had signed up last summer--June 10, 2008-at the Future Me organization and sent an email to myself to be received today. Of course, with my busy life and serious internet/blog addiction, I'd completely forgotten about signing up and sending myself this email.

And how very timely it is!

This is the email:

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Tuesday, June 10, 2008, and sent via
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Dear FutureMe, Congratulations on your Letting-Go project! You have successfully given away lots of old stuff, outworn beliefs, and extra baggage of all kinds. Are you sure you have missed anything? Love...Your Future Self"


When I read this email today and the last sentence, I felt a shiver run down my spine.

And I knew what I still have to let go of and have been dragging my feet because of guilt.

This past week I watched the tv series, "Brothers and Sisters", and the Mother was FINALLY letting go of her dead husband's possessions at her garage sale. She was conflicted with many emotions about this process, and as I was watching the show, I KNEW there were also many 'things' which I had been given from a relative which hadn't been let-go!

The synchronicity of receiving this email today along with the gentle reminder from the tv show tells me I've got to cut through the guilt and find a home for these possessions tucked into closets. I've asked other family members if they want them, and they said ABSOLUTELY NOT, but I want these beautiful, old treasures to find a happy home with people I know. Getting rid of them on E-Bay or a garage sale would make me too sad, and I would end-up in tears like the Mother on the tv show.

All I can say is I'm happy Christmas is on the way.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Go To The Mountain

Photo: Gen

People from time immemorial have gone to the mountains when they need to re-connect with Spirit and their Inner Selves. And this is what my daughter Gen and I did yesterday when we made the pilgrimage to Haleakala, our sacred Maui mountain.

We took along our cameras. Gen was recently gifted a beautiful new Sony digital camera by my partner B. She absolutely loves it, and she's fallen in love with photography just like her Mother.

Yesterday was a very mystical day on The Mountain. We communed with a gaggle of the state bird of Hawaii, the Nene goose. We drooled over flowers and views, rainbows, and scents of wild, fresh earth and evergreens. We purchased roadside flowers. We shopped at the lovely and charming Kula Market.

And we came home elated, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Here is another memory of yesterday with another here and here.

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Friday, October 17, 2008


Neighbors Who've Moved On

For a brief period of time we shared the neighborhood with a wise woman. She was wise in many regards, and her specialty was gardening. She was writing a book on the subject of gardening, having taught it for many years both here on Maui and in Alaska.

One day we were standing in front of my home chatting when she looked over at a tree of ours which is in our front yard.

"That tree needs whacking," she said.

Horrified of whacking a tree, I simply raised my eyebrows.

"Yes, can't you see where someone has whacked it before?", she asked me as she pointed out what looked like knife marks on one side of the tree.

I could see them alright, but I never would have imagined someone would be whacking our tree.

"Go outside at night when no one is around with a large knife and give it a couple of good whacks," she counseled me.

I considered doing as she said because this whacking was supposed to help my tree which wasn't then in bloom, but I just couldn't make myself do it.

Then she moved away, and our tree is full of beautiful, red blossoms as in the photo above.

I've wondered if she came over one night and secretly whacked it.

Just as a gesture of love, of course.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ho Hum--It's Halloween Time Almost

For over a decade, my partner, friends, family and me have shown up for the annual Lahaina Halloween festivity on Front Street. I think we've only missed two years out of 17....not bad, eh?

Every year we've worn different costumes. This change of costume makes it easier to keep the years straight. If we didn't do so, I fear the years might blend into one another since we basically do the same thing every year: go out to dinner and then walk up and down Front Street and ogle others and stop off at a bar here and there as we stroll back and forth. In the really OLD days, a couple of our friends used to rent a room at the Pioneer Inn, and we'd go up to their room facing Front Street and hang-out on the balcony with them.

There have been fantastic, fun years on Front Street and some dismal years too. One year it rained most of the night.

We've been TRYING to get excited about this year's party, but for some reason we've just can't get excited enough to make a decision about our yearly costumes. The other day I went around and looked at costumes in stores and got even more turned off at the outrageous prices for crummy, polyester costumes.

The last costume my partner wore was a Caesar outfit which I ordered for him online. He made a GREAT Caesar, and that year he was a huge hit with lots of folks wanting their photo with him.

Not only was the costume cool and comfortable, he loved receiving attention! Of course, he will deny this when he reads this post. Hah!

I saw a black t-shirt in one of the stores which read, " This IS my costume", and I momentarily considered this option just for a change. However, that would be cheating myself.

How often do I get a chance to walk around looking slutty and getting away with it? How often do I slap on heavy make-up or crazy clothes and feel good about myself? No, I have to find something wild and crazy to excite me and break these pre-Halloween blahs.

The above photos are from FUN years past! There are many more photos I could post, but I'll wait and show-off our fantastic NEW 2008 looks later here in another post.

And what are you doing for Halloween?

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Trampoline Joy

For a long, long time I've had a trampoline in my life--a mini trampoline. However, for the last year or so, it's only been my partner who has been using it and not me. The trampoline sits outdoors, and my partner does daily morning jumping jacks on it.

The other day I decided it was time for me to get back on the trampoline and move my lymph around, and so I dragged the trampoline indoors, put on a dance music CD and reacquainted myself with the joy of bouncing.

Since my legs are in great shape due to having worn fitness footwear MBT shoes for quite a while, I haven't experienced pain in my legs, but I have had the heavy-breathing experience-- which is exactly what I wanted for my lymph.

Rebounding exercise is supposed to be one of the best exercises you can do. Here's a website with some rebounding tips.

My morning routine has now changed...and instead of spending hours chained to the computer writing and blogging and researching and commenting, now I'm rebounding and dancing.

Most of my friends & family would agree this is a good thing. :Smile:

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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Vacation Memories

Since returning from our recent vacation, I've been sifting through our many vacation photos and uploading some of them on my Flickr account. Here's one I haven't uploaded yet (above), and it has a story to accompany it.

While visiting the small village of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, the Vice-President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, came to visit. Moreno is the one in the wheelchair above, and as you can see, when I took this photo, all of the eyes of security team turned towards me--it was one of those moments when I felt very obvious as a foreigner and tourist. Gulp!

This past Sunday Ecuadoreans ratified the new constitution which will help the poor and the hardworking of Ecuador. Here's a link.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008


How Magic Happens

It was in 2007 that my daughter brought my attention to the Interstellar Light Collector. Gen had watched a story on CNN about this device and shared her excitement with me. Since I'm a curious cat and intrigued with the Moon, I went online and googled this invention.

I became excited as something stirred in my memory bank, and I faintly remembered how the Moon was utilized long, long ago.

I then blogged about this amazing invention on my astrology/moon blog Moonlight Becomes Me on Sept. 4, 2007.

here to read what I wrote.

Shortly after posting, I received an email from the public relations rep for the Interstellar Light Collector inviting me to visit and interview the inventor of the collector, Richard Chapin.

At that moment I set my intention to find my way to the remote Arizona Sonora Desert location to take her up on the offer and to experience the Moonlight Collector!

And almost exactly a year later--on September 13, 2008--my daughter and I stood on a boom lift in the Arizona desert night facing this enormous device.

"The non-imaging optical array is parabolic and composed of 84 mirrored collection panels (4' x 8' each). At 6 stories high, 60 feet across and weighing 25 tons, this breathtaking hydraulic device concentrates moonlight to many times its natural occurrence."

The Full Moon was two days away, and we were told the days prior to a Full Moon are the optimal time to experience the Moonlight Collector.

My daughter, Gen, and I stood alone on the raised boom lift with the boom lift operator, a kindly man. He communicated with another ground-crew member to tilt each of these panels ever so slightly towards us as the moon slowly moved overhead.

At one point, my daughter grabbed my arm as she nearly fainted from the intensity/bliss of the experience. She also experienced a powerful vision. I simply felt bliss, and afterwards, we both were surely glowing for we were at the receiving end of 15 minutes of concentrated moonlight--an experience we may never have the opportunity to repeat again in this lifetime.

Even though this moonlight experience was passive and receptive, I would rate it up there with some of the other more surreal experiences of my life such as having a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at his home in MacLeod Ganj or galloping on a fast steed past the pyramids in Egypt with my partner.

Mahalo Nui Loa Patty, Monica and Richard Chapin, and all the other Interstellar team members for your warm reception and invitation!

Following is my interview with Richard Chapin, the inventor:

1. Your website mentions the "moonlight's unique qualities" which offers many benefits and that you're researching the "brightest stars and celestial bodies' spectral alternative properties." Please elaborate upon the research with the stars and celestial bodies.

At this time we are focused primarily on the moon. These will be future studies. We have great interest in Sirius, which we intend to begin some focus on in October.

2. Scientists and other researchers are collaborating with you on your project. Are astrologers also studying the effects of the Interstellar Light Collector?

Astrologers have always studied the effect the moon on peoples’ charts. Some feel the concentrated phases of the moon on a person could help in healing.

3. You write on your website that crystals which are infused in the moonlight collector "take on the vibration pattern of the moon." I'd like to know more details about this. What was your inspiration to connect crystals with the moon?

Dr. Robert Downs has told us that the crystals, put into the concentrated moonlight, have molecularly changed. This is not a temporary change, but a permanent change. Ancient civilizations have used the moon to purify crystals for centuries. We infuse the crystals the same as people, except for a longer period of time.

4. I also read the application of focused moonlight "may lead to discoveries in industry, agriculture, biology, medicine, and in alternative healing practices." Are you also researching ways to harvest the moonlight for an alternative energy source?

We are looking into batteries, generators, capacitors, moon panels, etc.

5. Have you read the book, "Who Built The Moon?", and if so, what are your thoughts about Knight and Butler's theories and final summation?

Interesting findings, however, it goes to show you how far observation can go. Can we prove anything? Probably, this goes too far.

6. Have you researched and made discoveries about benefits from various Moon phases? Do you primarily research the New and Full Moons phases? Is there a Moon phase which is more beneficial and 'healing' than another phase?

Different phases indicate different results – our in-house testing draws from different research published from universities.

7. You will be releasing the Lunar Therapy DVD soon I read on your website. Tell me/us more about this DVD.

It has testimonials from people who have experienced the focused moonlight and professionals talking about this new therapy. We also offer a fifteen-minute light experience, filming and using the light directly from our moonlight collector.

8. Watching the video on your website, I heard you'd been involved with astronomy. Were you a professional astronomer or a student? What is your background in this regard?

I built my first telescope at age 8 and started my high school astronomy club, which was very popular. I also took university courses.

9. In your desire to help your dying friend, you began studying full spectrum light therapy. Was there an 'aha' moment as you were studying this therapy which led to the invention of the Moonlight Collector?

There was an aha moment on a star-lit night, a good friend and I were in deep discussion about the stars and the moon and how they fit together with humans, then it just came to me.

10. Do you have a goal to build another Moonlight Collector? Or a bigger collector? What are some of your future plans which you can reveal at this time?

We are hopeful of having many more moonlight collectors built by universities, institutions, and other interested parties, etc.


If you'd like to purchase products infused with concentrated Moonlight, click here.


Below is my 'not-so-great' photo from the backside of the Moonlight Collector. You can see better photos on the website.

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