Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Musings on Holidays

I've decided I'm zero a lover of 'holidays'. They feel forced, contrived, and well...rather lonely.

IMHO there's a sense of obligation to Be Happy on holidays. Or Patriotic. Or Thankful. Etc.

Plus there's always the Holiday Hangover! This has nothing to do with alcohol.

Am I the only Holiday Grinch?

I propose SURPRISE holidays for everyone, and this is how 'surprise' holidays might play out:

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I think it's a wonderful idea. Every morning, we'd wake up thinking, "This could be a holiday! Oh, I hope so! I hope so!"

I've always been a big fan of serendipity.
You live in Hawaii!!

I was challenged by my fellow bloggers to run for "President" along with my running mate Mr. Sock Monkey. We are attempting to campaign across America by getting "invites" to visit all 50 states from bloggers.

We have managed to get invitations from all but 2 states but are WORRIED we won't pull it off. (Mr. Sock Monkey is threatening to get ugly...)

I saw your blog listed somewhere and was hoping you might jump on board and invite us to your state!

You can read about our mission here: (this was the original post)


We decided to start our campaign ONLY if we get all 50 states. As it looks now, we are starting to write our WE COULDNT GET ALL 50 STATES CUZ WE SUCK concession speech!

Today's entry tells you the 2 states we still need!

Thanks for considering helping me (and one angry sock monkey!)

Hallie :)
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