Saturday, September 06, 2008


Mixed Drinks Maui Style

Two famous tropical mixed drinks which are popular with Island visitors are the Blue Hawaiian and the Lava Flow--both photographed by me last evening as we dined with visiting Mainland friends.

Both are coconut-based drinks. The Lava Flow can be made a 'virgin', but the Blue Hawaiian requires the Blue Curacao Liqueur to make the drink blue. Both drinks are loaded with calories!

Here's the main ingredients of the Blue Hawaiian: Creme of Coconut, pineapple juice, rum, and the aforementioned Blue Curacao Liqueur.

The main ingredients of the Lava Flow are strawberries, coconut rum, Creme of Coconut, and rum.

One of these drinks will usually suffice as they're quite potent. Along with the infamous Mai Tai, these drinks have been known to make a sunset appear even more majestic, magnificent and memorable.

However, if you're not drinking one of these drinks as you're reading this post, you will see the photograph of last night's sunset--and it's hard to imagine a lovelier sunset.

And zero Hawaiian drinks are required to note the beauty!

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Had a Blue Hawaiian once. It was in Las Vegas, at a concert by Society Of Seven. Are you familiar with them? They hail from Hawaii, I believe. Great fun act, in any case, and good drink!
what a breathtaking sunset!! Those drinks look incredible and I must have one someday. when I get to Hawaii. :-)
I haven't had a Blue Hawaiian in YEARS that look s so good!
i agree with cece. I m craving for Blue Hawaii just looking at the picture.

Please provide me those drinks....I can't wait longer.
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