Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Swinging To The New World

Art courtesy of Love Peace Happiness

After seeing the new movie "Swing Vote", my writing Muse wouldn't let me sleep UNTIL I grokked the deeper significance of the movie. The next morning my plan was to blog about my insights, but Spirit had a different plan and kept me running full tilt boogie.

Today I told myself: I'm gonna post these insights and zero let anything disrupt me. Of course, Spirit had another plan! And here it is--Tuesday evening-- two days later, and I'm finally finding time to post.

Here's my review of "Swing Vote":

The young twelve-year-old daughter in the movie symbolizes attempts by the Divine Feminine to wake-up the old, checked-out world--the character of Bud Johnson played by Kevin Costner. This is why scene after scene the theme is repeated--the child trying to arouse her Father from sleep and stupor. The old world paradigm is having great difficulty awakening to the new reality.

Those who embody this old paradigm are coasting-through-life, cynical, irresponsible, and without hope. Creature comforts are the main focus.

The Divine Feminine is played by an amazing young actress, Madeline Carroll. She is relentless in waking-up her Father to the Paradigm Change, but he firmly resists and wants to continue his habitual, slacking ways.

This drama involves us all right now: the old 3-D world of duality (Swing Vote--get it?!) has run it's course and going unconscious. Birthing right alongside this dying world is the New Earth, the New Paradigm which is extremely capable, conscious, creative, united, and wise.

The cast is superb with great performances by the likes of Kelsey Grammar, Dennis Hopper, and Nathan Lane to mention a few of the high caliber actors in this extremely noteworthy film.

This movie shouts out the message: it's time to awaken and participate in Change. There's no longer a choice to coast because the Divine Feminine will keep waking you up no matter how much you'd like to go back to sleep!

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