Monday, August 25, 2008


Summer Nights

Now that our daughter has moved back in with us, we're enjoying a different rhythm to our evenings. We find ourselves more often on our back deck in the evenings 'talking story'.

The weather has been sublime--not too hot, not too humid--and without mosquitoes, gnats or bugs. I have arranged comfortable chairs around a circular coffee table, and on this table I have a large brass Moroccan candle holder which looks quite beautiful with the candlelight flickering within.

MY chair is a purple hammock chair which I purchased in Cozumel, Mexico earlier this year. And I swing back and forth in it usually with a glass of pinot as we talk story, eat, and drink.

Today there was another fire in Kihei which backed up traffic for a long time on the Piilani Highway. Unfortunately my podner got caught in this traffic jam which was the biggest bummer of his day. My daughter had a rougher day.

She's a teacher and had to single-handedly break up a fist fight between two young, strong teenage boys. She really didn't know how she got the strength to pull one boy off the boy he was pounding on, but she did! When strength is called for, it's amazing what one can do.

My day was delightfully uneventful, and I didn't have to cope with traffic or angry young men. Instead I do what I most love doing-- writing, communicating, creating art, meditating, exercising, and enjoying my family.

Life is Good!

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You started talking about swinging in the hammock and talking stories and then it was a shock when you said your daughter was a teacher. I was thinking a schoolgirl. You're way too young-looking to have a daughter who's a teacher. Damn.
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