Monday, August 11, 2008


On Parties

Lately I've been super busy because we wanted to throw a big party at our home. This party took me several weeks to prepare for and another three days to clean-up and put our home back in order.

Order is important for me, and I prefer everything to be in it's 'right place'. When objects go missing, I'm concerned. A pair of scissors is still running around in our home, but who knows where they're hiding. I'm sure they'll eventually show up--in a most unlikely place.

Throwing a big party is a time-consuming affair. We don't have them as often as we once did. In former times, we were always having gatherings. Now we prefer peace, quiet and ORDER!

One of my concerns about parties in our home is safety. Since we have lots of stairs in our home, I worry if a mango margarita, a guest, and a stairway will mix well. We also have a weird 'trip-zone' which if one isn't looking, one can easily trip and fly through the air. One friend always manages to find this trip-zone when she visits. Most people seem to navigate it well, and at our last party, nobody flew through the air. This made me happy.

So yes, our home can be a little bit risky. According to an article I read in the online Treehugger, risk is good for children. This article says that kids aren't climbing trees like they used to, and they need risk in their lives. Click here for the link.

As for me, I lived in the woods as a kid and loved to climb trees! As a tomboy, I took lots of risks and was usually sporting multiple bruises and skinned knees and elbows. I performed crazy daredevil stunts and had a blast doing them.

Nowadays the riskiest thing I do is throw a party. Times have changed. :Smile:

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