Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What Is Summer Without A Food Fight?

Summertime is supposed to be a time to play, have fun, act silly, and take vacations. Since I can't go on vacation right now, at least I can play and have a food fight!

And thanks to the ingenious Food Fighting site, I can! They have a selection of food items on this site to throw at your friends through email, but I'm going to have to throw the food at you through this blog. Of course, I always post my email on my blogs, so you're welcome to throw food back at me if you care to.

I wish Oprah would join us. She'd be great fun to have a food fight with.

Below is my selection of food to throw at you from the website. I picked this one because it looks the gooiest and creamiest and should make a most excellent splat! Plus this concoction will look good plastered on your face! Who might taste delish if you have a good imagination.

Here I come...Ready, set, GO!!!

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Why, you, I oughta...

(*Wipes pie off face and throws it back in your direction*)
I am throwing a big bowl of spaghetti with extra sauce your way!
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