Friday, July 11, 2008


Stories Which Make You Wonder

And it's not just humans who are having a rough time of it these days with anxiety, depression, anger, and fear. It's animals too.

Folks, when our dogs need Prozac and antidepressants, perhaps there really IS something to worry about.

Read the following story about Pill Popping Pets and consider the implications.

We don't have a dog in our home-- even though I love dogs. We have one cat who is leading La Dolce Vita, and thus far, she isn't acting depressed and meowing for meds.

But then again, Maui is slow to catch up with the rest of the world.

And that's another reason I like living here.

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I think this is really sad, that some people ( who love their pets ) would consider giving them that type of medication! It is making the pharm. co. even more money, and most likely start a new industry of pet-therapy , pet intervention, pet rehab! It just starts to get so crazy,hence the pills ( he he ).

It is one thing to dress up your dog, and another to be sharing your medicine cabinet!
It really is a sad commentary on our lifestyles. I think if we all could move to Maui the problem would be solved! (that is, if there were enough room!)
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