Friday, July 18, 2008


Second Life and Me

Yes, I'm attending the BlogHer Conference in Second Life beginning today, and that's me (errr, my avatar) in the front row--the hot number in the pink dress with the long black hair covering her face. She turns her head a lot, so it's not always easy to catch a good snapshot of her before she twitches and moves again. My Second Life friend Chiron has given me instructions on how to remedy the movement of my avatar so I can take better snapshots and reveal her face, and I have yet to follow his instructions. This is because I can't remember where I put them!

There's so much to learn about Second Life! The learning curve can be a bit intimidating and daunting. I have many note cards with instructions stashed away awaiting my attention.

Plus I have a closetful of outfits in my wardrobe (inventory) I could wear and lots of skins, hair, eyes, etc., but I'm favoring this naughty number for my avatar's BlogHer attendance. :Smile:

Suldog and Gen--try and find me here for the Food Fight! Dare ya!

Back to the BlogHer Conference, this is the second year I'm attending, and thus far, this years attendance doesn't seem to be that great as you can see by the empty seats in the grandstand.
The seats have filled up somewhat since I sent myself this snapshot, and now there's a bald DUDE with a beard sitting next to me. Hmmmm.....

The speakers on the panel are STILL working out the sound problems as I post this. Even the techies have challenges in SL it seems!

Maybe something has begun by now, so I'm moving back there to see what's going on...or not!

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Fascinating! I like her look!xm
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