Saturday, July 26, 2008


Obama Buttons

We received an email the other day where we were offered a FREE Obama button.

Naturally, I put our name on the list to receive one--this button will be a collectible--maybe not in the normal way of perceiving a 'collectible'. History is in the making with the strong possibility that Barack Obama will be the first black President of the United States, and these buttons are a sign of what's blowing in the wind--BIG CHANGE.

Here's the lovely reply mail we received after ordering the free button:

"Thank you. In the last few days, MoveOn members like you have ordered over 600,000 Obama buttons—way, way more than we expected.

So we've decided to print more, so you can share them with everyone who might want one.

Can you forward the short message below to all your friends so they can get free Obama buttons, too? Here's the link for them to get buttons:

If together we can give out a million buttons, people are going to start seeing them everywhere they go.

And the more that people see these buttons, the more they'll get the message that Barack Obama is the candidate with the buzz, momentum, excitement—and sincere support of regular folks across the country.

Thanks for all you do."

So I'm passing on this link so ya'll can get your free buttons--if you're so inclined.

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Cool I would like to have one!
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