Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Nightmare

Last night I had such a freaky nightmare that I'm still reeling from it. As I'm not usually the kind of person who has nightmares or ever has had many nightmares, I'm reflecting upon why I experienced this nightmare.

I guess what separates a nightmare from a normal dream (for me) is that a nightmare SEEMS so REAL! As a person who often lucid dreams and then interprets the dreams within the dreams, the dreamworld doesn't usually grab me or shake me!


My partner thinks it was the cookies we ate before bedtime, but zero store-bought cookies have ever done that to me before. :Smile:

In my nightmare our home was invaded by sci-fi characters and robots, and they were looking for something and tearing our house and yard apart in the process. My partner kept going to sleep while all this commotion was happening. I wanted his help, so at one point, I pulled him out of our bed and slapped him around to bring him to consciousness--only in the dream of course. Even then with his help, we weren't capable of stopping this home invasion.

Everything was being dismantled down to the bare wood framework. Many small robots kept moving by as they did their systemic search. There's more, but you've got the gist.

I've been analyzing this dream all morning long attempting to understand it. Some of the pieces I totally GET, and other pieces of the dream leave me full of dread.

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