Monday, July 21, 2008


Gripe Of The Day Is Born

If you're anything at all like me, your weekends FLY BY! We need longer weekends and shorter work weeks, dontcha think? We need to stop being a country of over-achievers and become more like France and Italy, nations which know how to live the good life.

I've thought of a new blog concept recently, but rather than take on more blog obligations than the fifteen blogs and one Squidoo I already post on, I decided to incorporate my idea into this blog, so one day a week I'll post my GRIPE OF THE DAY!

Not knowing which day my gripe will be posted, I can't warn you to steer clear of this blog if you don't wanna hear my gripe. So if you read the title, this will be your clue if you don't wanna hear a gripe and only want to read positivity. I'll put Gripe in the title, and you can click onto another page, and save yourself from my griping. Fair enough?'ve been warned, and here's my FIRST Gripe Of The Day!

Recently I paid GOOD monies online to a spyware protection company to update this computer's protections against all the nasties out there that wanna invade your computer. They took my monies via credit card, and then they sent me a LONG license number which I had to input on my end to get the whole thing up and running.

Only problem is the number doesn't work! I tried it a couple of times. The 0 could have been a zero.

No that wasn't it. The 1 could have been a capital I.

No that wasn't it either.

And so it went with me fuming over this stupid code and eyeballing it with a magnifying glass! I emailed their customer service department, and the robot reply was that I had been issued a number and a customer service rep would get back to me and help me resolve my problem.

A week later, and I'm STILL waiting!

Of course, this company doesn't have a phone number where I could call and get some resolution! So today I will write them again! And ya know what, I'd RATHER be doing lots of other things!!

Like Going To The Beach or Walking On My Treadmill or Blogging!

I feel much bettah now that I griped, and I hope this griping wasn't too terribly harsh on ya.

Mahalo Nui Loa for reading and hopefully commiserating with me.

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It is good to vent or blog/vent (bent)! I made up a new word meaning BENT/BENTING: when you are venting on your blog for the pure sake of well just letting of steam!

Love the cartoon!
Grrrrrr! I hate non-responsive customer service! If you want me to come out to Hawaii and beat them up for you, just send me the airfare :-)
What a FANTASTIC idea! Ya know what Kuanyin, I think this could really take off for you. Everybody had a gripe.. big and small, we all have one every single day. Just because we take note of them, voice or note them, does not mean we become them.. we are just exhaling! Gettin' out the bad stuff! LOL So my gripe today? That my house has not sold yet. I am sending it light though.. yes indeedy I am! Aloha and thanks for your comment on my new post today! HUGE smile.
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