Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Angels and Loch Ness

My calendar tells me that today is the "first modern recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster, 1930". And it's interesting that I just scanned in two old photos of the hotel we stayed at Loch Ness, Scotland oh so many years ago.

Of course, there's an ANGEL STORY attached to this stay, and here's how the angels intervened on our behalf: we arrived in Loch Ness without a reservation, never dreaming the place would be packed with so many people. There wasn't a place available we discovered after driving around for several hours. So we returned to this place (the one photographed above) well after dark.

We were hungry, and we surrendered that we were going to do some hard driving later that night to find a place to stay elsewhere. So we had a very enjoyable dinner and drinks while not even considering our predicament.

And as we were paying the bill, my partner got a tap on the shoulder from the manager of the restaurant/hotel. Suddenly a room had become available. Did we want it?

Did we ever! We grabbed our bags out of the car and quickly lugged them up the stairs....and went straight to bed! Our angels are da best!

We're always telling our angels MAHALO!

How 'bout you? Any angelic interventions?

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I'm sure I've had interventions from God or His servants. With all of the stupid things I've done, to not be dead...
Cool story
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