Saturday, June 07, 2008


What Were YOU Doing Two Years Ago?

This is a humorous cartoon/self-portrait I drew for my humor blog, Blog-Blond, at the beginning of June '06. At that time I began investing my energy in the blogosphere, and with much determination, taxing of my brain-power, and wearing the same baggy pants for days on end, I blogged day after day.

However, I wasn't very computer savvy, and since I had few friends who were blogging at that time, most of my learning came through trial and error and with the aid of computer angels. Mahalo Nui Loa for all those that helped me!

I made jokes about pulling my hair out and going bonkers. But those jokes were very close to home. Most of the acquaintances I know didn't want to hear me talk about blogging, and they'd rudely change the subject if I brought it up at parties.

My close family members totally supported me and encouraged my new passion. Another Mahalo to ya'll--I love you soooo much!

If anything could go wrong in constructing a blog, it did. Murphy had me on his radar. Sidebars would enrage me. I screwed up all the time, and I wouldn't know how to fix what I had done wrong. Those early days were frustrating times, but I kept creating blogs and learning something new every day. I was jazzed, and my output was amazing. Now I look back on my learning curve two years later, I can barely believe all that I created!

Those were the days before I got into Facebook, MyBlogLog, Twitter, Blog Catalog, Pownce, Fuel My Blog, Spicy Blog, Second Life, Squidoo, memes up the ying-yang, Digg, Mixx, and more!

Now I'm an old blog pro. Hah! I've got the basics down, and it's less time-consuming for me to post, yet there's always something new to learn, for the blogosphere is ever changing.

I have become smitten with blogs. Many bloggers are such talented writers and artists. Most of the ones I've grown to know have huge, loving hearts. Like Maui Girl, a blog buddy, who wrote recently in one of her posts that she plans to spend her holiday on Cape Cod catching up on her blog reading, I feel the same. I want to have a vacation where I can lounge around and read blogs all day long.

I blog less these days because I'm very busy working on other time-consuming projects, but there's usually at least one blog I post on daily. Blogging is in my blood now, and once you get your creative juices flowing, there's no stopping.

When I was very sick last year and close to checking-out, I STILL blogged.

That says something about the nature of creativity. And blogging!

And obsession.

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Good question, I think people should reflect like that, it really puts things into light.
Congrats for keeping it going so far :-) I'm very happy that you're still here!

...and I was delighted to see you on plurk too. You know, they had some problems with the profile image uploader - but it's fixed now, so you can add your lovely pic :-)
Two years ago I was doing the same crap I'll be doing ten years from now, if I'm not dead from the crap I did twenty and thirty years ago.

Actually, life is pretty sweet. I like doing what I do, so I keep doing it. Yay for me!
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