Sunday, June 29, 2008


Sunday At The Beach

I finally shared another Sunday-At-The-Beach with my daughter today! Both she and I are beach lovers! We've missed hanging out together at the beach while eating, catching-up on personal news, swimming, and enjoying the parade of people and happy dogs passing by. And this was the FIRST time in ages we've made it to the beach together for one reason or another, so we had big ol smiles on our faces.

Plus there are so many things that happen that make us laugh. One guy nearly creamed another guy with his kayak as he picked it up and walked away--it just missed this guy's head by inches.

One father and totally nekkid young daughter ran and jumped into the ocean and frolicked. They were having so much fun it was pure joy watching them.

Naturally I always take lots and lots of photos, and this is one of my favorites of the day.

The day wasn't too hot or cold which was perfect for this Goldilocks. The beach was packed with people. It's hard to believe that tourism is down by the amount of people on the beach, cars on the road, people in the stores and restaurants, and people walking down South Kihei Road. Maui appears to be flourishing to me.

Maybe the tourism downturn rumor is merely one of those cyclical things. I certainly hope so, for I want Maui to thrive and offer a Sunday-At-The-Beach kind of day to those from elsewhere.

I've read that fewer flights will be coming to Maui, so if you're reading this post from elsewhere and want a Maui vacation, plan ahead and plan early.

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I think the Secret to Happiness is going o the beach, but dont forget the suncreen!
Is that you on the phone at the beach? For shame! Put the phone away and relax.

(I say this not knowing what emergency situations may have prompted you to bring it. But, no emergencies? Leave it home.)
Suldog: taint me! I'm a curvalicious blond!
Besides, how would I take my own photo? You must be teasing me again!
Well, I forgot what you look like and I didn't consider the physics of the situation. Other than that, though, I was right! :-)
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