Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The Summer Of Our Discontent

When June arrives for us, our discontent with Maui begins. This is a yearly, predictable discontent, and our discontent usually lasts until late September/early October.

Of course most people would find it unbelievable to have discontent if they were living on Maui. Yet this is our truth. We blame our discontent on anything and everything and gritch like this:

It's toooo damned hot.

Why is the electric bill so high?

The grass beside the road and the vegetation looks brown and dry and ready for brush fires.

Everyone else in the whole wide world seems to be on vacation except for us. Sob!

Where is everyone anyway? The roads seem quiet.

Why hasn't it rained? We NEED rain.

It's time for us to move someplace cleaner and cheaper.

Can you believe this water bill?

And thus it goes for us every summer. Of course, there are a few cuss words thrown in for flavor and emphasis which I won't add for public consumption.

We search for things to be grateful for during the summer, and of course, there are MANY, many things for which we're grateful. However, if there was any season for us to count our blessings and work-it, it's the summer for us!

My inner child doesn't want to stay put in the summer. It wants to go off to camp....or to travel...to play all day and stay out late all night...it wants to eat ice cream, drink rose wine, swim and splash, dance to loud music...and it especially wants to be cool, comfortable, and merry. It wants to goof-off.

And what about you? Is summer time hard for you too?

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Oh, my. I had no idea about that. Over here in Sweden it's the opposite. Summer is the only time during the year that we Swedes really lives up and smiles properly - otherwise it's just a stiff face expression of the cold... *giggles*

Spring & summer. I'd say it's all about May-August. So it's a short season!

Though the summer this year has started off very hot, so maybe we're facing a climate change over here...?
Summer is always somewhat tough on me. I start to sweat when the temps hit 70. I have ultra-light skin, so I burn badly unless I apply gob after gob of sunblock. I love summer for one thing only: baseball. Otherwise, bring on Fall!
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