Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Stuff Synchronicity Strikes Again

So yesterday I posted about my de-cluttering, weeding process, and then later the same day I stumbled onto an online Time article titled "How To Live With Just 100 Things."

Click here
if you'd like to read it.

Is Spirit giving me a nudge, ya think?

100 things seems way too little for me.

Maybe if I lived in a Japanese style home, I would be ok with less because that's the style.

This article pushed me to contemplate STUFF and ownership and possessions and our need to acquire, own, and hold onto things. This trait of collecting is even done by some animals. Remember the story of Ziggy the cat burglar who snuck out of her home every night to steal from others and bring the treasures home? And there is another cat who steals gardening gloves.

Did you see the Oprah special where the children of a pack-rat Mother and Father turned them into Oprah for help? This cluttered home was something scary! But of course, the Good Fairy Oprah resolved their Stuff Overload for them with her team.

But I don't even think Oprah's Team could pull my teddybears away from me!

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The Universe or Life has a funny sense of humor! When you get the jokes!
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