Monday, June 02, 2008


Sex And The Single Girl TWICE!

My MALE partner and I went to the opening night of the movie Sex And The Single Girl, and the crowd--mostly women--was on fire! So buzzed was this crowd that they continued talking and loudly laughing while waiting for the commercials and previews to end!

Once the movie started, there was TOTAL silence.

Let me tell ya--the girls love this movie, and it's having a great reception at the box office.

My partner and I critiqued it afterwards, and we agreed we liked the television series better. The fashion seemed so retro, and we were both mildly disappointed with the writing and wit. We didn't feel it transitioned well to the big screen, and the women looked better on tv.

BUT then I attended the movie again yesterday with a WOMAN!

And I experienced the movie in a totally different way. As a matter of fact, I REALLY liked it the second time around!! I even cried at the bridge scene.

Now I'm ready for another Girly Movie. There's simply not enough movies of this genre. Bring 'em on movie directors and producers.

We women are hungry!

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There is something to say not only about the movie itself, BUT who goes to the movie with you! Yes, Sex and the City is the ult. Chick Flick watching it with a a manly mam leaves much to be desired. I do not know of any straight man who like the show, and esp. have to sit through a much longer bid screen version? Now that is brave on both parts! I have been witness on how feelings can change on a movie just by seating next to someone who is either enjoying themselves, or sitting with thier arms folded hoping it will end, good call seeing it with a gal pal.....would "the girls" have it any other way?
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