Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Pack Rat Or Collector?

My Mother was a pack rat, and all her children acknowledged this. Closets in our childhood homes were totally filled to the brim--so much so that were you to open one, there wasn't an inch to spare to stuff anything else in. She saved everything: food, string, old bottles, clothes, magazines, every childhood report card and exam, letters. Well, you get the picture.

Like a lot of children, I never wanted to 'turn-into' my Mom, so I've been a person who likes to weed out the excess stuff in my life and pass it onto others--a never-ending task. I've been applying myself to weeding and organizing once again these last couple of months and excavating the layers of acquired stuff in our home with the thought that should we move, the less stuff we have to drag along with us.

And this weeding has been supremely successful, even though it's yet to be completed!

I'm now at the weeding phase where I'm asking myself: Do I really, truly need to hold onto my various collections? It seems I have a bit of my Mother in me after all. I prefer the word 'collector' to 'pack-rat', don't you?

Here are some of the things I've collected: teddy bears, t-shirts from international travels, photos, cards, thangkas, card decks, statues, crystals and stones, BOOKS, cd's, dvd's, and mermaid and faery paraphernalia and objects. Most of these collections are in boxes. So I've been asking myself over and over, "Can I part with one of these collections or maybe several?"

Part of me is very resistant to letting-go! The teddybear collection has a big place in my heart. The unique mermaid teddybear in the photo above was given to me as a gift (as were most of the stuff in my collections) by my pod-ner's nephew Brandon, a sweetheart if there ever was one. I don't know where he found it to give to me, but I've never seen another one like it.

In my teddybear collection, I have some collectibles and some that are antiques such as an ancient Smokey the Bear which has a battery and walks and talks!

Some of my smaller teddybears I have out of boxes, and the rest are screaming to be let out, but I don't want our home to be decorated with stuffed teddybears, so they're going to have to remain in boxes or finally find a home elsewhere.

If only the teddybears didn't look so cute and hold so many memories, it would be a lot easier.

Do you have collections of which you have a hard time letting-go?

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Ah, yes, The collector. I've been there too. I managed to drop it though it took a while - a lot of work. It was easier when we were on our way to move and didn't want to drag everything along. We decided to stay for a while, but I've not begin to collect things again. Learned my lesson I guess. *giggles*

The door site you mentioned sounds interesting, so let me know if you find it. I think I've seen it too, or something like it.
The teddy bear mermaid is too cute!! can I have it if you want to give it away? :)
I think it is a question a lot of people have, esp when it comes to collectibles! I have to say I have seen some extreme cases and wow! When it comes to buying a large storage unit to house your snow globe collection ...you may need to ask yourself... "am I a pack rat?"
lol - omigosh - I am right there with you. Actually, I'm probably more the pack rat than the collector.

With that unique teddy bear mermaid, I'd say you are the collector. :)

Me? I think I like to collect DVD's and books most of all. And everything else?

I can only blame myself as a pack rat. ;)

Thanx for droppin' by!!
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