Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My Mama Said There Would Be Dayz Like This

Got outta bed and took off my aromatherapy sleep mask, and the mask fell to the carpet. This clue foretold what kind of day I would be experiencing.

And thus began my Day of Dropsies!

Everything wants to fall out of my hands today or spill or tip over and leave water or coffee stains all over the floor! WTF!

I even poked my left F-U finger with a bougainvillea thorn in my home renovation project. That hurt like a *$%H&!!! These bougainvillea thorns are sharp.

Me thinks it's best to lay low or curl up with a book that has zero sharp corners, but then again, I'll need to watch out for paper cuts.

It's one of those days every Mother warns you about.

And they know. They know ALL too well.


Late this afternoon, synchronicity strikes again, and I read these words in the latest What's Up On Planet Earth update:

"If you are one who has found yourself dropping things, noticing things falling through your fingers, and experiencing a strange inability to hold onto much of anything (whether literally in the physical sense or otherwise), it is simply because we are now finally poised to have something very new to hold onto once again.

Yes, a new anchor is finally arriving. Are you ready?"



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The thing is no one is immune to days like that!
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