Thursday, June 05, 2008


Been There--Done That!

On Maui we see lots of (false) gurus of all shapes and sizes come and go. Most of them keep on going. However, there are some that keep coming back again and again. And of course, they keep promoting themselves to me....or their minions do. I do my best to ignore them or their backers/sugar daddys/slaves.

But the truth is once you're running around on the net, they find you or they cross you path like a black cat. And they annoy the hell out of me. They quote preposterous trainings and titles. In fact, they act entitled. They PRESUME they are MY/YOUR teachers, leaders, and healers.


Several such *false* ones have come to my attention recently through my net connections in yet another bid for attention and moolah, and I grumbled: "argghhh--not THEM again!"

Since Maui is on the New Age trail which includes Sedona, Marin, Santa Fe, etc., eventually these hucksters will pass their way through here or try to make this their home base....for awhile anyway.

I recently read a very well written article on how to spot these charlatans and false gurus, and you can click on the link here.

But I would like to add to this list by saying this:

The more they elaborate on their trainings, credentials, diplomas, and what-not, the MORE I distrust their offerings.

It's like these spiritual teachers/false gurus are trying too hard.

Their hard sell desperation is so visible. Don't they know it?

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So true, in fact back in the early 90s a movie came out called "the New Age" which totally spoofed the whole New Age community. It was soooo funny.
I think that the reality is funnier than the movie, since the people really think that they are real healers, they conned others for so long, that eventually they started to con themselves! And get a real big ego about their powers and knowledge to boot. I think it is the biggest joke, perhaps they should call themselves "comdiens" and they are laughing all the way to the bank after they tell others to give up the material world.
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