Sunday, May 25, 2008


Who Is That Masked Man?

Sorting through and organizing old photos is a very melancholy process for me, but luckily for me, once a week I've recruited my willing daughter to aid me with this HUGE project--one which will eventually result in digital and physical scrapbooks with different subject matters.

When she's helping me, we laugh uproariously over many of the crazy photos. We critique our different hairstyles through the years. We wonder what ever happened to so and so. We marvel at how some people have grown better looking through the years while others haven't. We grieve over the loss of many dear ones. We wish we STILL had every pet we've ever been blessed to spend time with. We talk story about the memories that arise from these photos. We are reminded how fast the years have sped by and how many different beings we've been. Was that really US who did that and looked that way?

With her helping me, I only tiptoe a mite into a dreadful melancholy space.

It's been intense dealing with the thousands of photos I've taken and collected through the years. And I'm really just two steps into the beginning of the project with four more steps to go before completion so who knows how long it's gonna take me/us to finish this.

One of the Mother's Day gifts from my daughter was a scrapbook set, and I've always wanted to scrapbook, so here we go! There's a fabulous scrap booking shop on Maui too, so if we need extra goodies, we'll have a shop to plunder. Plus I discovered a digital scrap book site online --"a fun site dedicated to digital scrapbooking freebies that you can really use. We add new high quality freebies frequently - generally at least 1 - 3 times per month."

The above photo is of my S.O. in one of his many crazy Halloween get-ups, all of which I purchased for him and forced him to wear. How patient he's been with me! And how grateful he'll be when he reads this post and see I didn't post some of his WAY OVER THE TOP costumes! :Smile:

I really do have lots of blackmail material in my collection, but that's not my style.


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Kuanyin, I know, it's a bittersweet thing to go through old photogaphs. How wonderful that you're going to scrapbook and preserve them!

I have many of my mother's old photographs and slides from when she moved out of our house a year and a half ago. One of these days I'll have her and my aunt over and we'll watch the slides.
Love looking at old photos, esp the bad hair not days but years! And the old Halloween costumes!
I just went through a whole bunch of old photos last night, myself. Blogged about a couple of them today, too. Some sort of psychic bond between Watertown, Massachusetts and Hawaii???
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