Friday, May 02, 2008


We're So Very Back!

After recuperating from a cold I acquired on the last leg of our long journey home to Maui and playing the game of 'catch-up', I'm ready to blog again! It has taken me awhile to find the time and energy to do so. I think one of the reasons is that the Maui energy is very, very different from the East Coast and Caribbean energy, and thus it takes a while to acclimate again to Maui's energies.

It was rejuvenating to take a long blog break and let my mind rest. After becoming an obsessive blogger, my mind was always churning with ideas, thoughts, feelings, and stories to blog. I was wearing out a perfectly good mind!

The very best part of the Caribbean cruise for me was to sit on the deck outside our suite on our cruise ship at night and commune with the elements of wind, water, and starlight. I never thought about blogging or email, and my mind and spirit were soothed and healed by Nature.

Arriving at the cruise ship was an adventure in itself which I blogged about on another of my blogs, Moonlight Becomes Me.

I also posted a photo of a stingray on Wailea Daily Photo today. The stingray excursion was also one of the highlights of our cruise, and I took tons of photos as well as having the opportunity to kiss a sting ray and receive a sting ray back massage. Ooh la la!

Besides meeting-up with sting rays, we interacted with dolphins, exotic birds, and lots of weird people... and managed to stay away from the dreaded expanded waist line. Instead of ten pounds most individuals normally gain on a cruise, we only put on four pounds each due to our daily discipline of working out at the gym on board and cutting-back on the ABUNDANT food offerings! I lost my four pounds the first week and then five more.

Both of us prefer to eat lighter than we did on our vacation. It feels better and healthier to simply have a small salad for an early dinner rather than dine at 8:30 PM with many courses of food brought to our table!! We left many courses uneaten, but as we did so, I had to wonder what cruise ships do with all the left-over food? Where does it go?

Now please excuse the following piece of housekeeping, but MyBlogLog has a new rule I see where I have to add the following piece of code to authenticate this blog.

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great photo!-Gen
Welcome back! I missed you! Glad you had a wonderful vacation! It must have been great to rest your mind and body!
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