Thursday, May 22, 2008


A Pot of Gold

Recently friends from Ohio visited us, and they just couldn't stop talking about the high prices on Maui. They were especially shocked about the cost of food.

The price of food on Maui is high alright, but if you're lucky enough to have great friends such a we do, you can get by.

For example, this is what we were given this week by a beloved friend: organic lemons! If you were to go to the store to purchase one lemon, you're talking around a dollar or more.

Talk about a Pot of Gold!

And to top off this great gift, he also gave us a wee lemon tree. Isn't it cute?
With the cost of gas on Maui moving to the $5 range and other prices of goods moving up as well, it's good to be self-sufficient to some degree... and have friends.

Bartering may soon be commonplace.

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A cute idea and yes it is truly a pot o'gold
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