Sunday, May 11, 2008


On Motherhood

The VERY best thing that ever happened to me was becoming a Mother! And today is the day when my family celebrates me as Mother because it's Mother's Day, and I celebrate all the other Mothers of the world. We deserve our celebration as we are the backbone of society.

Few of us were well prepared to be a Mother. Most of us simply learned 'on the job'--sometimes making mistakes. I had a bit of an education in that I babysat young babies during my teenage years, and so I knew the basics. But that was about it--the basics!

Let me tell you, I've earned every one of my white hairs! And I'm proud of them even if I choose to cover them up. :Smile:

My young daughter now has a few white hairs which is shocking--it must be genetic! Or maybe it's because she serves as a surrogate Mother in her teaching job with children. When you're taking care of children of any age, there are scary moments when something is going down which takes your breath away and immediately a white hair will appear. Like magic.

When you become a Mother, you put someone else's welfare before your own.

You compromise.

You surrender.

You love deeper than you ever thought possible.

You sacrifice.

You try not to worry.

You plan ahead.

And you're never ever the same.

And I'm grateful and blessed to be a Mother!

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Very beautiful blog
Haven't checked in in a while. Glad to see you're back!
Very true words. Even though I'm not a Mama myself, I still can recognize it :-)

I'm sure that you're the most wonderful mother - as my own Mom was.

We don't celebrate Mothers day until the last Sunday in May over here in Sweden. It will my first without Mom. It's empty without her of course, but still she needed the rest, so I have to stop being selfish :-)
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